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Join the movement

Joining one of our ministries is a great way to get involved, and start serving our local community.  Whether its greeting an attendee, or helping behind the scene, all of our volunteers are passionate for people.


Be the first to greet attendees as they arrive to our services, ready to answer any questions they have, and pray for any needs they may have.  We are a community, and the first experience that most attendees have at our church is with the greeting team.


This behind the scenes job is one of the most crucial parts to our service.  The production team helps setup, run, and tear-down every single week.  Operating camera, audio, lights, screens, and more to create an amazing experience for our services.


Every week we worship Jesus collectively, and are led my amazing musicians and singers.  Together we create an atmosphere of joy, love, and peace for God to Encounter his church during our weekly services.

Image by William Bayreuther

Social media is such a huge part of our ministry, and the way that we connect to our church members, visitors, and local community.  Help us create, edit, and post content for our followers to stay up to date with what God is doing in our church and city.

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